How does it work?

Each Bootcamp lasts 4 weeks in total with a 1 week break and then we go again!

We meet 3 times a week on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday so 12 sessions are available to you within each 4 week block.

You also receive a FREE Nutrition Plan full of great recipes that will help you get healthier and reach your fitness goals.

Each bootcamp is run by a fully qualified and insured Personal Trainer.


Each session costs £5 but please note that you are required to book a minimum of 6 and up to and include a maximum of 12 per 4 week block. If you miss a session, you dont get a refund or the opportunity to carry any sessions forward. So if you snooze...you lose!

What to expect

A mix of sessions formats that will help shift that stubborn body fat and tone those muscles. Each session will vary so when you turn up you wont know what you're about to do! You may have a session full of bodyweight exercises or a session using equipment such as Kettlebells, Battle Ropes, Medicine Balls, Resistance Bands and much more! You may have a session geared more towards legs and abs or a total body workout.

Our instructors love planning and delivering a variety of session formats that will keep challenging you.