Our Chosen Charity

There are so many wonderful charities to choose from and our chosen charity is the Southmead Hospital Charity.

Funds raised will be donated to their NICU (NeoNatal Intensive Care Unit) via the Everyday Hero Page that we’ve set up. Everyday Hero is a similar system to Just Giving.

How it works

We promise to match every single FitPoint that’s awarded to all our Bootcampers throughout the year. We’ll then convert those FitPoints into cash and donate the proceeds to the Southmead Hospital Charity.

Each matched FitPoint is worth 1p so for example 500 FitPoints earned per person is £5 donated by Bristol Bootcamp Company to the Southmead Hospital Charity.

You can track our progress via this link…


Questions and Answers

Q: How does this affect the FitPoints that I accumulate in my account?
A:: No affect at all! We simply match your FitPoint total and convert it into cash and donate it to the charity.

Q: What if I use some or all of my FitPoints to pay towards a bootcamp or items from the Shop?
A: Any FitPoints that you redeem will not affect the total cash we give to the charity. Its the total that you accumulate and not your remaining total that will be matched so you can happily use your FitPoints without affecting the charity donation.

Q: I’ve just paid for a bootcamp but the ‘Everyday Hero’ page hasn’t been updated.
A: The total accumulated will be added along with everybody else’s matched FitPoint totals on or around the 30th/31st of each month or 28th/29th February and transferred over on the 1st of the month.

Q: I’m new to Bootcamp. What are FitPoints?
A: Check out the FitPoints page on our website for more details.